Our after school program beganSeptember 14. Here are a few reasons why you should choose ArtSouth's Arts Beyond The Classroom program.  

Variety of Arts Classes: Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Drawing, Painting, and Arts & Crafts

Affordable prices for families and students
Field trips are provided
Ages 5-15

Commences September 14, 2015 - May 30, 2016
Hours of Operation: 4p.m-6p.m

Professional and Certified Teachers along with local practicing artists.


Supplies, equipment and materials are included
Fun social events, concerts, drum circles, dances and painting parties



Summer Camp Testimonials

July 15, 2015

"I would like to tell you what I like about this camp. I really enjoy learning how to play the keyboard and the drums. I also enoyed how the teachers and volunteers treat you fairly. My favorite class is art. I like art because it has the funest teacher and she is very creative.'

Solanch M.

July 15, 2015

"Dear Mrs. Lisa I like the performing arts at this camp. I feel that the teachers are treating me fairly. This camp is wonderful, I would recommend it to future artists."

Cayla L.

July 15, 2015

"The things I like most about this summer camp are the classes. Specifically dance and art class. The teachers are nice and teach us dance, art, music, and musical theatre.'

Valerie H.

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